ACAC Al Bohonus Awards

The Al Bohonus Recognition Award recognizes substantial contributions to the ACAC.

  • PJ Swales (Curling Convenor), 2015-16
  • Danny Rode (ACAC Coverage), 2013-14
  • Keith Hansen (Executive Search), 2011-12
  • PJ Swales (Cross Country Running Convenor), 2010-11
  • Allan Ferchuck (Executive Search), 2006-07
  • Brian Stackhouse (Cross Country Running Convenor), 2004-05
  • Keith Hansen (Men's Volleyball Convenor), 2004-05
  • Suzanne Blackwell (Cross Country Skiing Convenor), 2002-03
  • Cor Ouwerkerk (Women's Volleyball Convenor), 1999-00

ACAC Hall of Fame

The  ACAC Hall of Fame recognizes, every two years, it's esteemed builders and administrators, respected coaching leaders and talented student-athletes.  This is a list of RDC alumni currently in the ACAC Hall of Fame.

CCAA Hall of Fame

The CCAA Hall of Fame distinguishes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Canadian collegiate athletics, either by virtue of their performance on an athletic team, or by meritorious efforts on behalf of the CCAA.

CCAA Coaching Excellence Award

The Coaching Excellence Award recognizes coaching contributions to sport and to athlete development over a period of five (5) years or more. 

  • Brian Stackhouse, 2015-16
  • Talbot Walton, 2014-15
  • AAron Schulha, 2013-14
  • Keith Hansen, 2002-03
  • Keith Hansen, 2001-02

CCAA Athletic Director of the Year

  • Keith Hanson, 2011-12
  • Allan Ferchuk, 2004-05