ACAC Al Bohonus Awards

The Al Bohonus Recognition Award recognizes substantial contributions to the ACAC.

  • PJ Swales (Curling Convenor), 2015-16
  • Danny Rode (ACAC Coverage), 2013-14
  • Keith Hansen (Executive Search), 2011-12
  • PJ Swales (Cross Country Running Convenor), 2010-11
  • Allan Ferchuck (Executive Search), 2006-07
  • Brian Stackhouse (Cross Country Running Convenor), 2004-05
  • Keith Hansen (Men's Volleyball Convenor), 2004-05
  • Suzanne Blackwell (Cross Country Skiing Convenor), 2002-03
  • Cor Ouwerkerk (Women's Volleyball Convenor), 1999-00

ACAC Hall of Fame

The  ACAC Hall of Fame recognizes, every two years, it's esteemed builders and administrators, respected coaching leaders and talented student-athletes.  This is a list of RDC alumni currently in the ACAC Hall of Fame.

CCAA Coaching Excellence Award

The Coaching Excellence Award recognizes coaching contributions to sport and to athlete development over a period of five (5) years or more. 

  • Brian Stackhouse, 2015-16
  • Talbot Walton, 2014-15
  • AAron Schulha, 2013-14
  • Keith Hansen, 2002-03
  • Keith Hansen, 2001-02

CCAA Athletic Director of the Year

  • Keith Hanson, 2011-12
  • Allan Ferchuk, 2004-05