Athletic Scholarships

What is an Athletic Award?

  • Also referred to as an athletic scholarship, an athletic award is a monetary sum provided to Student-Athletes with the condition of being a member of a RDC Athletic Team.
  • An athletic award may be recruitment based (provided at the beginning of the academic year) or merit based (awarded at the end of the academic year).
  • The conditions attached to athletic awards varies. Some may have additional requirements such as citizenship.

Does RDC Athletics Offer Athletic Awards?

Each RDC Athletics team has the ability to offer incoming and returning Student-Athletes with athletic awards. The administration and value of these awards is at the discretion of each team’s head coach. Any questions on team-specific athletic awards should be directed to the appropriate RDC head coach.

Is there limit to the value of athletic scholarship that I can receive?

  • The maximum dollar value you can receive in athletic recruitment awards is the total amount of tuition and compulsory fees for the academic year. 
  • The Jimmie Condon Scholarships is included within the tuition and compulsory fees maximum.
  • There are many awards, such as academic awards or awards provided by Sport Governing Bodies or the Federal and Provincial Governments, that are excluded from the maximum.

 Can I apply for other scholarships and awards at RDC?

RDC offers a variety of awards and scholarships. Both incoming and returning RDC Student-Athletes are encouraged to apply for additional awards through the Student Connect Centre.