RDC Student-Athlete Handbook

In joining our Team, you have accepted the responsibilities and expectations to strive for excellence in your academic and athletic endeavours.

As a student-athlete competing in the ACAC & CCAA, you are provided with opportunities to develop skills which will serve you well beyond the field of competition.

In choosing to wear the uniform, you have accepted the responsibility to be a positive leader and role model on and off campus. Know that you are ambassadors of the college not only on the pitch, court, ice, or classroom, but also outside of this institution and the community at-large.

This handbook is an important tool for each of you in understanding the expectations across a variety of topics including code(s) of conduct, eligibility and athletic financial aid information and responsibilities as a student-athlete. Please take the time to review, understand and know the content of the Handbook.  As the athletic year progresses, minor policy changes may occur at both the Conference and College level, and if they affect you, your coach will inform you of such changes.

All the staff wish you the best academic and athletic life experience possible and are excited to observe the growth in each of you as students and athletes. We are here to support you; all you need to do is ask for help.