Student-Athletes Advisory Council


The Mission of the Red Deer College Student-Athletes Advisory Council is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by providing social and academic opportunities for all student-athletes; ensuring student-athlete prosperity through effective communication between the athletic body and the administration; and fostering a positive student-athlete image within our community.

  • Generate a student-athlete voice within RDC.
  • Solicit student-athlete response to proposed ACAC and RDC policies.
  • Organize community service initiatives.
  • Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation campus-wide/conference-wide.

Committee Membership

The membership of the Student-Athletes Advisory Council should be representative of the diversity of RDC’s population and involve representatives from each sport. Each member serves as a liaison between the committee and his or her individual team.

Sports represented are as follows: Kings Basketball, Kings Cross Country/Indoor Track, Kings Curling, Kings Hockey, Kings Soccer, Kings Volleyball, Queens Basketball, Queens Cross Country/Indoor Track, Queens Curling, Queens Hockey, Queens Soccer and Queens Volleyball.

Outcome-Oriented Goals

The goals are outcome-oriented statements that provide direction and identify priorities the RDC Student-Athletes Advisory Council hopes to address in the immediate future. The achievement of each of goal aids the group in supporting its mission statement.  Each goal is accompanied by a set of key objectives that will help move RDC Student-Athletes Advisory Council towards its desired future state.

To improve communication at the conference and institutional levels

  • Enhance student-athlete communication and awareness of the mission of the Council.
  • Find a way to create awareness and enthusiasm through the Council using appropriate measures for our institution.
  • Establish methods for communication (i.e. list-serve, monthly minutes, job descriptions/responsibilities).
  • Encourage greater involvement with national issues & legislation.

Promote an understanding of the role of the RDC student-athlete

  • Encourage campus and conference Student-Athletes Advisory Councils to establish mentoring as a priority that provides academic support to student-athletes and future student-athletes.
  • Strive to be actively involved in the community through the Team Community Challenge.
  • Participate in the ACAC Student-Athletes Advisory Council Initiative, aim of 100% participation. 
  • Present Student-Athletes Advisory Council mission statement and summary of activities it promotes to all student-athletes.

Promote an atmosphere within SAAC that encourages and welcomes unity among all student-athletes

  • Strive to ensure that each sport is represented and has an equal voice on the campus Student-Athletes Advisory Council.
  • Actively engage the institutions coaching staff and athletic administrators in the workings of the campus Student-Athletes Advisory Council.

Encourage the promotion and enhancement of the overall conference championship experience for all RDC sports

  • Support campus Student-Athletes Advisory Council involvement at RDC Conference Championship events.
  • Market conference championships within community: activities, banquet, schedule.
  • Utilize the Conference Student-Athletes Advisory Council to recognize individual and team accomplishments.

Key Roles


  • Presides over meetings.
  • Serves as the conference Student-Athletes Advisory Council liaison.
  • Functions as spokesperson from RDC student-athletes to the entire RDC community.
  • Ensures all committed activities be followed through.

Project Leaders

  • Oversees subcommittees that may be formed as a response to the needs of RDC student-athletes.
  • Ensures RDC student-athlete community is aware and actively participating in all Student-Athletes Advisory Council projects.

 2019-20 Student-Athletes Advisory Council Members

  • Kirsten Baumgardt, Hockey
  • Kyle Bett, Soccer
  • Lauren Cardinal, Basketball
  • Alisha Coules, Soccer
  • Mark DeWit, Volleyball
  • Scott Ferguson, Hockey
  • Theoren Gill, Soccer
  • Kelly Heinemann, Volleyball
  • *Ben Holmes, Volleyball
  • Andrew Jones, Curling
  • Sophie Melin, Basketball
  • Kayle Nesseth, Soccer
  • Sydney Rix, Volleyball
  • Carson, Schiller, Cross Country
  • Shayla Sklaruk, Cross Country
  • *Amy Szymanek, Basketball
  • Kevin Szymanek, Basketball
  • Camryn Wallan, Hockey
  • Arik Weersink, Hockey
  • Cody White, Basketball

* Co-Chair