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Schedule of Events | September 14, 2019

 Race Division Distance Start Time
  Grade 9/10 Girls 3km 9:00am
  Grade 9 Boys      3km 9:30am
  Grade 10/11 Boys 4km 10:00am
  Grade 11/12 Girls  4km 10:30am
  Grade 11/12 Boys   6km 12:00pm
  ACAC Women | Women's Open 6km 12:00pm
  ACAC Men | Men's Open 8km 1:00pm







*Awards for each category will be handed out shortly after each race. 

Registration Details 

Deadline to Register | September 11th, 2019 @ 12:00PM 

How to Register 

ACAC Members | $8.00 per participant | Contact Randy Stewart for Registration

Sr. High School Teams | $8.00 per particpant | Contact Randy Stewart for Registration

Women's Open | $10.00 per participant |  Online Registration

Men's Open | $10.00 per participant |  Online Registration

Directions | Parking

The races will take place on RDC Campus. Registration Check-In will be located inside the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre and the Start/Finish will be just west of the building.


Address: 120 College Circle, Red Deer, AB T4N 0T7

 Click here for a map of the campus, including parking.

Course Map | Description

2 Kilometre Loop


Start/Finish - The start/finish is located on the west side of the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre 

  • 0 meters – Start/finish line for the course is located on the west side of the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre which itself is located on the western side of the college adjacent to the QE2 highway.  It is the extension of the paved path that ends beside the open field.
  • The CCC proceeds in a south direction.
  • 97 meters - Base of a 30-meter 6% grade hill.
  • 127 meters - At the top of the hill the course takes a left-hand turn.
  • Downhill 3% grade for 126 meters.
  • 253 meters - Up and down 50-meter 6% grade.  Paved path at bottom will be covered with carpet.
  • CCC proceeds east for 458 meters.  The terrain is mostly flat with some minor ups and downs.  Follows RDC’s back road (College Circle).  Mostly grass.
  • 711 meters - Right onto grassy area.  64 meters on grass.
  • 775 meters - CCC narrows to basically single track however there are many opportunities to pass.
  • Downhill 4% grade for 27 meters
  • Flat single track for 59 meters
  • 861 meters - Right turn.
  • Uphill (7% grade) for 26 meters.
  • Two ups and downs on single track for 116 meters.
  • 1000 meters - Located 10 meters before exiting the trees.
  • Follow the south perimeter of the pond.  Varied terrain.  Some minor hills.
  • 1320 meters -West side of the pond turn left onto wide path. 
  • 1343 meters - Top of sharp downhill. (8% grade)
  • 1366 meters - Bottom of downhill.
  • CCC follows wide trail.
  • 1505 meters - Left turn on wide trail.
  • 1643 meters – Trail opens to wide area which passes on the west side of the Red Deer College Sign.
  • Slight right and slight uphill.
  • 1815 meters – Back onto open field where start/finish is located.
  • CCC curves to the start/finish line. 
  • 2000 meters – Start/finish.  

Contact Information

    Randy Stewart | Event Coordinator |  | | 403.314.2457