Medical and Eligibility Intake Database

Message from the Athletic Director

Hello and welcome to the RDC Medical and Eligibility Intake System.

RDC Athletics strives to deliver quality medical support services to all of its student-athletes. This comprehensive online questionnaire helps identify health risk symptoms for student-athletes and prepares our athletic trainers, coaches, and medical personnel to react quickly to health situations. The information also allows us to assess your eligibility to represent RDC Athletics in competition. 


Students who have been selected to participate on an RDC Athletic Team are required to complete FOUR specific tasks before having the privilege to wear the Crown.

1.    Review the student-athlete handbook.

2.    Complete all of the questions and consent forms in the Medical and Eligibility Intake System. Please select the registration instruction guide that applies to you and proceed to the intake system using the link at the bottom of this page.

3.    Complete the CCES Drug Education Webinar.  Your coach will forward the details to you later in July.

4.    Attend the Mandatory Student-Athlete Orientation if you are a NEW student-athlete to RDC. The 2017 Student-Athlete Orientation will take place on Sunday, September 3rd at 10am.  More details to come in late July. 


Failure to complete the above will result in your removal from all team activities, including practice and competition, until all elements are completed.

RDC Athletics is here to support you in your athletic and academic endeavors. Do not hesitate to speak with one of our staff if you require assistance to achieve your goals.

I wish you the best for this season and look forward to seeing you in action.


Diane St-Denis
Athletic Director


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