RDC Queens earn ACAC gold, SAIT men dominate

Photo - Tony Hansen
Photo - Tony Hansen

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Cross-Country Running Championships wrapped up at Red Deer College on Saturday, and there were many memorable individual and team performances. The weather was cooperative and ideal for competition.

Only three points separated the top two women's teams. The Red Deer College Queens (29 points) captured ACAC gold on their home course, the SAIT women (32 points) earned silver and the Lethbridge College (56 points) female runners picked up bronze.

Jordanna Cota (24:13.03), of Red Deer College, ran another strong race and earned ACAC gold. Ricki Christopher (24:37.86), of SAIT, won silver and Sophia Nowicki (24:53.86), of Lethbridge College, finished the 6 kilometre race 16 seconds later and picked up bronze. Rebecca Johnson (St. Mary's), Jill Stewart (RDC), Emily Spencer (Lethbridge College) and Melanie McCann (SAIT) joined the female medal winners on the ACAC Women's All-Conference team. With top spot, Jordanna Cota (RDC) was named the ACAC Female Cross-Country Runner of the Year. 

The SAIT Trojans men had a dominant performance on Saturday. As a team, the Trojans (12 points) earned ACAC gold. The University of Alberta (Augustana) captured silver with 28 team points and the RDC Kings (63 points) picked up team bronze. 

The men's race featured a top three SAIT Trojans finish. Matt Travaglini (26:18.95) captured individual gold with an excellent performance. Teammates Jacques Saayman (27:33.50) picked up ACAC silver, and Darryl Ross (28:26.88) finished the 8 kilometre race in third place and captured bronze. Joedy Dalke (UAA), Brandon Wladyko (GPRC), Brant Lauweryssen (SAIT) and Erik Rust (UAA) joined the three SAIT medal winners on the ACAC Men's Cross-Country All-Conference team. Matt Travaglini (SAIT) was named the ACAC Male Cross-Country Runner of the Year.

Several top ACAC Cross-Country runners will participate at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Cross-Country Running National Championships in Blainville, Quebec, November 11, 2017.


  Men's teams                                           Women's teams

 1. SAIT (12 points)

 1. RDC  (29 points)

 2. UAA (28 points)

 2. SAIT (32 points)

 3. RDC (63 points)

 3. Lethbridge College (56 points)


  Men's Individuals                                  Women's Individuals

 1. Matt Travaglini (SAIT) - 26:18.95

 1. Jordanna Cota (RDC) - 24:13.03

 2. Jacques Saayman (SAIT) - 27:33.50

 2. Ricki Christopher (SAIT) – 24:37.86

 3. Darryl Ross (SAIT) - 28:26.88

 3. Sophia Nowicki (Lethbridge College) – 24:53.86


  Men's All-Conference team                  Women's All-Conference team

 1. Matt Tavaglini (SAIT) – 26:18.95

 1. Jordanna Cota (RDC) - 24:13.03

 2. Jacque Saayman (SAIT) – 27:33.50

 2. Ricki Christopher (SAIT) – 24:37.86

 3. Darryl Ross (SAIT) – 28:26.88

 3. Sophia Nowicki (Lethbridge College) – 24:53.86

 4. Joedy Dalke (UAA) – 28:40.35

 4. Rebecca Johnson (STMU) – 25:02.69

 5. Brandon Wladyko (GPRC) – 29:00.73

 5. Jill Stewart (RDC) – 25:03.82

 6. Brant Lauweryssen (SAIT) – 29:16.72

 6. Emily Spencer (Lethbridge College) – 25:06.26

 7. Eric Rust (UAA) – 29:18.86

 7. Melanie McCann (SAIT) – 25:12.80


  Male Cross-Country Runner of the Year      Female Cross-Country Runner of the Year

  Matt Travaglini (SAIT)

  Jordanna Cota (RDC)


  Male Rookie of the Year                      Female Rookie of the Year

 Brant Lauweryssen (SAIT)

 Sophia Nowicki (Lethbridge College)


  ACAC Cross-Country Running Coach of the Year

  Gerhard Lotz and Robert Renman – co-coaches at the University of Alberta (Augustana)


  Male Grand Prix Medals                    Female Grand Prix Medals

 1. Matt Tavaglini (SAIT)

 1. Jordanna Cota (RDC)

 2. Jacque Saayman (SAIT)

 2. Ricki Christopher (SAIT)

 3. Darryl Ross (SAIT)

 3. Sophia Nowicki (Lethbridge)

 4. Brandon Wladyko (GPRC)

 4. Jill Stewart (RDC)

 5. Joedy Dalke (UAA)

 5. Rebecca Johnson (STMU)

 6. Matt Martin (UAA)

 6. Kelcie Bulus (GPRC)

 7. Brant Lauweryssen (SAIT)

 7. Emilie Mann (SAIT)

 8. Adam Wass (RDC)

 8. Elise Nawrocki (CUE)

 9. Michio Green (UAA)

 9. Emily McIlroy (UAA)

 10. Durell Rots (Lethbridge College)

 10. Shaelyn Moltzahn (RDC)