RDC celebrates the Cross-Country Running and Indoor Track program

RDC celebrates the Cross-Country Running and Indoor Track program

Red Deer College is proud to celebrate the Cross-Country Running and Indoor Track program with an announcement for the future and an acknowledgement of our history.

RDC has announced the appointment of Kari Elliott as the Head Coach of the Cross-Country Running and Indoor Track program. Elliott, who was an assistant coach for the 2015-16 season, brings a strong athletic background to her position, being a certified personal trainer and an accomplished competitive runner.

"Kari is an athlete that has competed at a high level and has experience coaching in post-secondary institutions," says Diane St-Denis, RDC Athletic Director. "She's bringing a passion for the sport and for pursuing excellence that will continue pushing our program toward excellence in the ACAC and CCAA."

For Elliott, the opportunity to coach RDC's student-athletes is a true honour. "Brian Stackhouse has left a fabulous inheritance for this program, and anything we achieve, particularly in this coming year, is thanks to his legacy and dedication to the sport," she says.

Looking to the future, Elliott plans to continue building the Cross-Country and Indoor Track program, with the goal to take the team to consecutive medal finishes. "It's an exciting time, because we have the opportunity to work with some of the best athletes in central Alberta," she says. "Moving forward, I would like to see Red Deer College's strong reputation continue to grow, making it the place to be for any students who are looking to compete."

RDC's strong reputation in the cross-country discipline has been established by the decades of work and dedication of former head coach, Brian Stackhouse, who built the program over the last 41 years and is retiring this year. Throughout his career, Stackhouse led his teams to 14 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Championships, a Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Championship and three national-level bronze medals. He was also voted ACAC Coach of the Year on two occasions.

This April, Stackhouse was named the 2016 recipient of the Coaching Excellence Award. At a presentation event held on May 24, representatives from CCAA came to RDC to officially present the award. "The Coaching Association of Canada is proud to honour Brian Stackhouse as the 2016 recipient of the CCAA Coaching Excellence Award," Wayne Parro, Senior Coaching Consultant with the Coaching Association of Canada said in a written statement. "Brian's achievements truly represent the outcomes of a lifetime dedicated to coaching. Throughout his extensive coaching career, Brian's investment to his personal development as a coach exemplified his passion, commitment, and focus of his athletes' development, and contributed to positively shaping our Canadian sport community."

Stackhouse has had many contributions to the sport community throughout his coaching career, with one of his personal highlights being his involvement in establishing the CCAA Cross-Country Running National Championships. Looking ahead, Stackhouse will stay connected to the sport, as he has recently accepted the position of ACAC Cross-Country Running and Indoor Track Convenor.

When he considers the 2016 Coaching Excellence Award, "this is a very prestigious award," Stackhouse says. "I know some of the previous recipients, and it's an honour to be included in that group."

For more information on RDC Athletics, please visit www.rdc.ab.ca/athletics. Further details on Brian Stackhouse's 2016 CCAA Coaching Excellence Award are available at on the CCAA website.