Curling Queens finish even, Kings and mixed team win twice at Fall Regional

All three RDC Curling teams picked up wins and valuable experience at the ACAC Fall Regional this past weekend
All three RDC Curling teams picked up wins and valuable experience at the ACAC Fall Regional this past weekend

Brent Forster - RDC with information from Lakeland College Rustlers

Lloydminster, AB - The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Curling Fall Regional is in the books and it featured some very close competition. No team was able to leave the event with a perfect record.

The Red Deer College Kings (2-4) and RDC Mixed team (2-3) picked up a couple wins each. The Queens completed the weekend with an even 3-3 record. 

On Sunday, the RDC Kings lost to the Concordia Thunder 8-5 and then were shaded 7-6 by the host Lakeland College Rustlers. The Kings were up against some very tough teams.

"The men's division is very competitive and the Kings had no luck," says RDC Curling Head Coach Brad Hamilton. "The men will need a great Winter Regional."

Lakeland College, Concordia University, NAIT and MacEwan University finished in a tie with a 4-2 record in the men's division, which will make for some exciting curling at the ACAC Winter Regional in January. 

Austin Kelts-Larsen, Kings skip

Male team standings

Lakeland 4-2


NAIT 4-2

MacEwan 4-2

SAIT 3-3

RDC Kings 2-4

Olds 0-6


On the final day, the Red Deer College Queens defeated the Lakeland College Rustlers 9-6. Then to finish the weekend, the U of A Augustana Vikings picked up an 8-6 win over the Queens (3-3).

"The Queens should have won a couple more, but they are in the hunt for the playoffs," says Hamilton.

The University of Alberta Augustana Vikings Women's team climbed to the top of the division with a 5-1 record, followed closely by Concordia (4-2).

Hollie Vincent, Queens skip

Female team standings

UAA 5-1

Concordia 4-2

RDC Queens 3-3

MacEwan 3-3

NAIT 3-3

Olds 2-4

Lakeland 1-5


The RDC Mixed Curling team defeated MacEwan University 7-2, wrapping up a 2-3 record.

"The mixed team did well for being all rookies and they are in the conversation for a playoff spot," explains Hamilton. 

After five draws, the host Lakeland College Rustlers sat at the top of the mixed division (4-1) followed by Augustana, MacEwan and NAIT (3-2).

Mixed team standings

Lakeland 4-1

UAA 3-2

MacEwan 3-2

NAIT 3-2

RDC 2-3

SAIT 0-5

NAIT will host the ACAC Winter Regional from January 24 to 26.


Weekend results as provided by Lakeland College:

Draw 1


CUE-7              NAIT-2

RDC-7              Olds-3

Lakeland-4        MacEwan-8


CUE 7              MacEwan-3

UAA 7              NAIT 2

RDC 4              Olds 9


RDC-2              UAA-10

NAIT-4             MacEwan-10

Draw 2


RDC-4              SAIT-7

Lakeland-4       NAIT-8

MacEwan 8       Olds-1


Olds-2              NAIT-9

RDC-7              MacEwan-5

UAA-8             Lakeland-3


SAIT-7             NAIT-8

MacEwan-7       Lakeland-6

Draw 3


Olds-1              Lakeland-8

SAIT-5              CUE-2

NAIT-3              RDC-8


MacEwan-6        UAA-5

Lakeland-4         CUE-6

NAIT-6               RDC-7


RDC-9               SAIT-3

Draw 4


Olds-4               NAIT-8

MacEwan-8        SAIT-4


Olds-7               Lakeland-6


RDC-7               NAIT-8

MacEwan-4        UAA-7

SAIT-4              Lakeland-9

Draw 5


Lakeland-5        CUE-3

MacEwan-8       RDC-1


RDC-3              CUE-5

Olds-1              UAA-8

NAIT-2             MacEwan-10


NAIT-8             UAA-7

Draw 6


NAIT-5             SAIT-4

Olds-0             CUE-6


NAIT-5          CUE-1

MacEwan-2   Lakeland-9


RDC-5          Lakeland-8

SAIT-4         MacEwan-12

Draw 7


NAIT-7       MacEwan-0

SAIT-5       Lakeland-9

CUE -8       RDC-5


MacEwan-6         Olds-4

LAKE-6               RDC-9

CUE-2                 UAA-7


RDC-7        MacEwan-2

UAA-3        Lakeland-4

Draw 8


SAIT-5             Olds-4

CUE-5          MacEwan-4

Lakeland-7        RDC-6


RDC-6               UAA-8         

Lakeland-4        NAIT-7

CUE-9               Olds-3


UAA-7          SAIT-3

NAIT-6         Lakeland-8