Rufus The Lion

Rufus The Lion

Rufus, RDC Mascot for the Kings & Queens

Rufus Da Cat (RDC), known to his friends as Rufus, has always had a competitive side to him. Growing up in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion spent his days challenging cougars, eagles, snakes, wolves, broncos, huskies and even the odd Ook to a sporting game of coconut soccer. Although Rufus’ time in the jungle in his early days kept him busy, he always felt that his true calling was in a land far away.

In the early 1980s, Rufus heard news of a college in need of an ambassador to represent their athlete’s competitive spirit, someone who could really help to rally their fans. Rufus decided that he could be the cat-alyst to help cheer this college and their teams on to victory, so he headed to his new kingdom in Red Deer, Alberta.

Rufus began his reign over RDC Athletics in the mid-eighties, firing up crowds in the gym with his electric personality and warming fan’s hearts on chilly arena nights. 175 conference titles and 18 National Championships later, Rufus roams RDC with his crown perched proudly on his head, always ready to support the Kings & Queens athletes in their continuing pursuit of RDC’s legacy of athletic excellence. 

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